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"Shaheen has helped me implement exercise and health into my daily routine. He listened to my goals and my time constraints and has made me a program that caters to both. I used to struggle to consistently make time for mental and physical health, but Shaheen has created a routine that I have been able to stick to. I undoubtedly feel stronger both mentally and physically since starting this program."

Shadi Memar

"Shaheen made an exemplary program for me tailored to my individual needs. I couldn't of picked a better person to help me achieve my goals"

Sam Danishevsky

"Shaheen has done a great job setting up a plan to help me accomplish my fitness goals. He’s very easy to communicate with and adjusts my plan as my priorities change. He also responds quickly to questions about ways to improve my nutrition"

Torin Vanin

Shaheen has created a program that has made fitness both challenging yet extremely rewarding for me. His willingness to work with me to tailor to my own physical needs, as well as his attentiveness to any of my questions or concerns has encouraged me along my fitness journey. Shaheen’s knowledge and motivation has helped make a healthy lifestyle possible for me.

Jade Kusler

As a person who craves structure but has little baseline understanding of exercise science, I’d eventually become frustrated with whatever weightlifting routine I was using in a given month. I either didn’t like the movements or lifts, couldn’t progress past a certain plateau, or just wasn’t making efficient use of my time in the gym. 

Shaheen began our interaction by asking what my goals were and structuring a program around that. The movements, rep ranges, and week to week variation all aided  progression - plus he was always available to provide form checks, video tutorials, and ad hoc advice whenever I had a question. 

I’ve used personal trainers at commercial gyms, and while they’re certainly knowledgeable (and obscenely expensive), you can tell that the programs are cookie cutter. My goal has always been to get stronger in compound lifts - yet they’d have me spending 40 minutes and hundreds of reps on a bicep curl machine. Basically, they don’t provide the customization on a weekly basis that Shaheen does - his program is congruent with my goals and he knows his stuff. Couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Kevin G.

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