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What Supplements you NEED to Get in Shape!

Sorry to break it to you, but you do not need ANY supplements to get in shape. They are called supplements for a reason: they are there to supplement, or be used in addition to, your diet! The top things any person with health and fitness goals needs to focus on are eating nutritious foods and sleeping enough. If you can do those things, you are golden.

Okay okay...let’s say you do those things, but you have some areas where you may need some help! What should you do? I’m going to touch one 3 supplements that I have personally used for some time that have allowed me to stay on track even at times where it has not been as easy!

  1. Protein Powder

Imagine a 14 year old string bean walking into his house with a tub full of white powder and being accused of doing anabolic steroids by his rightfully concerned mother...that was me.

In all seriousness, Protein Powder serves a simple purpose: help you reach your daily protein goals! Some people have a hard time hitting their daily suggested protein intake, and that is where protein powder comes to play!

It is generally recommended that you get .8-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day! This can be hard for people, especially as you may begin to grow and require more protein. This is where protein powder is effective. However, if you are able to hit your protein intake from whole foods, protein powder is unnecessary and should be used on those days where maybe you could not eat exactly how you like!


As someone who still does not take coffee, pre-workout was the first real stimulant I ever had. This supplement is definitely not necessary, but I can say from experience that it helps. Pre-workout supplements generally contain a conglomerate of ingredients that enhance energy, focus, and blood flow to your muscles!

Do you need pre-workout to make muscle and get in shape? You quite literally do not. But does pre-workout help you on those days where you are tired and need that extra boost? It certainly does!

Tip: If you already consume a lot of stimulants (primarily caffeine) from coffee or energy drinks, you may want to limit your pre-workout consumption! You could look into stimulant-free pre-workout supplements which give you the blood flow and focus enhancements without the high doses of caffeine!


Another white a tub...but this one has been studied extensively with a lot of great research behind it! I am not a scientist, nor do I care to get technical, but Creatine can aid in muscle growth, strength output, and recovery.

Creatine exists in the body and is mostly found in red meat; however you would have to eat an absolutely absurd amount of red meat in order to get sufficient creatine intake that would yield any sort of results (not to mention cooking the meat decreases the amount of available creatine during consumption)

Disclaimer: you will not turn into the rock after taking creatine for a week

There are different forms of creatine, but most commonly used is Creatine Monohydrate, and generally 5 grams per day is recommended in order to be effective. Some people do a more heavy dose initially and then cycle down to 5 grams per day, but I am not going to say I am for or against that since I did not do it myself!

If you have been on a solid routine and have your nutrition and recovery in a good place, creatine will not hurt to try out! However, it is not like pre-workout where you feel the effects immediately. You honestly never really feel the effects, but with time and consistency it is shown to be effective.

If you are interested in learning more about what supplements I take, or how you can maximize your eating, sleeping, and training routine head to

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