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Three Ways to Improve Your Workouts

Getting to the gym and putting in the work is an amazing start, but there are easy ways to ensure that your workouts are effective that are often overlooked!

Track Every Exercise!

So simple, but so overlooked. You should be logging every rep, set, exercise and the weight you use. There are numerous apps that you can use to do this, but a pen and piece of paper is more than sufficient. If you start tracking each workout, you can look back on your previous workout and aim to improve upon your performance in some way.

Time Your Rest Periods!

Time flies...especially when you are finally resting after an exercise. Unfortunately, you are probably resting far longer than you think, and going on your phone is not helping make that issue any better! Start using a stopwatch or the clock app on your phone to measure how long you are resting and hold yourself to a reasonable range of time! This will not only make your workouts more time efficient, but also ensure you are keeping the intensity of your workout high.

Do a Warm-up Set (or two)!

Most people know to warm-up and work their way up if they are looking to go heavy on a compound movement...but the same idea can be applied to isolation exercises. If you are prescribed 3 sets of 8-12 on barbell bicep curls, I would suggest doing one set with a lighter weight to feel out the movement and prepare yourself to get close to failure on your three working sets! If you go straight into your 3 working sets, you most likely will not be able to accurately select the correct weight or push yourself hard enough on the exercise.

If you are looking for further guidance on programming your workouts and tips to reach your health and fitness goals, check out

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