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The Real Reason You Are Not Making Progress

Do you feel like you are listening to all the right advice, putting in the effort, but just not seeing the results you want? You likely are doing a lot of things right, but one thing is missing...sticking to a plan.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You tell yourself you are going to start a new routine, and after one week you feel like it isn’t providing you with the right results so you jump ship and find a new routine.

There are many different ways to meet your goals! If you want to gain strength, lose weight, improve your athletic performance or anything within that realm, there are many different approaches that are proven to be effective in achieving these goals. The issue is not a lack of sufficient knowledge, programs, or coaches; the issue is not giving sufficient time and effort to a routine, program, or coach to see if you can make progress. One week will never be enough! With that being said, there is a mental aspect to finding the right coach, program, or routine. If you are doing something you hate, you will not give it your all and will likely burnout fast. But, if you simply try a routine for a week and deem it to be ineffective, you are selling yourself short and only stalling your progress even further.

I urge you to stick to a knowledge based routine, coach, or program for at least 12 weeks and THEN decide whether or not you should try something else. Consistency is the key. Find a plan that appeals to your mental and physical needs, and let it run its course.

If you are looking for someone to help you find a routine that matches your individual goals and needs, check out for online coaching!

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