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How to Stay Motivated in 2021

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Motivation: something everyone desires, yet everyone lacks. This can be in relation to almost any aspect of life. Some people seem naturally motivated when it comes to certain things, and that is where the key lies. If you can think of something that you always seem to want to do and never really feel a lack of motivation towards, you most likely have a strong DRIVE to do that activity. The key to motivation is finding and focusing on what drives you.

Drive versus motivation: Drive is your internal voice that pushes you to pursue different things in life, and this can be enhanced by external motivation. In order to immediately improve your motivation, you should start focusing more on your drive, and less on all of the outside noise. Don’t get me wrong, external motivation is great and can enhance your ability to perform a task, but the key to consistency is your drive.

Heading into 2021, start to think about WHY you have all of these goals, and remember that why. This is the start to learning how to love the process more than the result. If all you care about is the result, you will burnout sooner than you think. If someone aims to lose weight and all they focus on is their body composition each day, they will give up after a week when they see little to no changes. If someone aims to lose weight and focuses on how much better they feel both mentally and physically after exercising, they will stay in the game much longer. The key to finding consistency in motivation is focusing on your why and your drive much more than your desired result and the opinions of others.

If you are interested in kicking off your 2021 health and wellness journey, check out my Find Your Balance program on I strive to help others find their balance in life through personal training, nutrition, and workout tips n’ tricks all catered to your goals and preferences. Remember to focus on your drive as you pursue your goals in this new year!

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