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How to Finally Eat Healthily

I am going to start my diet many times have you said that to yourself? I am going to tell you how to actually change your eating habits for good.

Step 1: You do NOT need a diet

Diets are great for some people, but awful and unrealistic for most. Setting out to NEVER eat certain things is not only a recipe for failure, but it is also unnecessary. There is not a single food that you must avoid in order to be healthy and lose weight (yes, you can eat bread). If there are certain aspects of certain diets that appeal to you, then by all means give it a try. However for most people, diets are far too restrictive and difficult to maintain

Step 2: Focus on what you should eat more of, not what you should avoid

You should not stop eating sweets. You should not stop eating pizza. You should not stop eating candy. Start with what you can eat more of, instead of what you should eat less of. Prioritize eating more protein, fruits and vegetables in your meals. Drink more water. Try to make your plates a bit more colorful than they were before. Find healthier substitutes to some of your favorites. There are endless recipes online to make almost any meal more nutritious...check them out or create your own!

Step 3: Find ways to fulfill your cravings

You like dessert? Me too! There are tons of ways to eat sweets outside of chips ahoy cookies! Find things that you like that can fulfill your cravings. Some of my go to desserts are peanut butter and jelly with whole grain bread, greek yogurt with berries and more. Figure out things you like that match your cravings and it won’t feel like a punishment.

Bonus Step 4:

Keep eating your favorite snacks! You do not have to stop eating your favorite foods. Everything in moderation is okay and helpful towards finding your balance. For more guidance, check out for personal training, nutrition tips n’ tricks and much more.

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