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Experiencing Burnout? Do These Things:

You’re doing well for a couple of months. Exercising consistently, finding a routine, feeling good about yourself...and then the big question hits you: Do I want to keep doing this?

If you have recently experienced a lack of motivation or some form of burnout, I am here to help you navigate through those feelings.

  1. Accept that these feelings are normal, okay, and will happen again.

If you do anything for a long time, it is normal to have doubts and spurts of confusion no matter how much you love it. If you spend too much time and energy worrying about why you feel this way, it will only add to your troubles. The first step to moving through these feelings of burnout is to accept them.

2. Think about your WHY

Go back to a time when you did not exercise or have a good routine. Why did you start in the first place? Why have you come this far? If you can tap into your “why” on a consistent basis, it will aid you in staying grateful and reaping the benefits of the journey you are on.

3. Assess your routine

If you read my recent blog, you know I am not a fan of program/routine hopping. However, people's wants, needs, and desires change. Maybe the amount of days you are working out is not suitable for you at the moment. Maybe the exercises you are choosing have become stale and monotonous. I am not advocating for weekly changes in routine as a result of seeing “no results”, however I am a major advocate for acknowledging the mental aspect of any sort of exercise and how key that is to consistency and results.

4. Take a step back

Everyone needs a break. This can look different for everyone. Maybe this just means lowering the intensity and frequency of your routine for a day or two. Maybe this looks like a full week or two off from your routine. Whatever it is for you, just know that taking a step back is a great way to come back even stronger and better than ever.

5. Remember the short term benefits

The last (and the most important) thing to do is to remember the benefits you get day in and day out from the routine you have created for yourself. It is not about the quantitative progress you see in your lifting strength or the fact that you dropped a pants size; it is about how you feel more positive mentally each day, how you feel less anxious after exercising, how you feel more energized each day...the list goes on. Focus on the daily benefits, and be grateful that exercise brings them into your life.

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