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Dealing with Gym Anxiety

Do you spend more time worrying about how dumb you look at the gym than actually working out? Do you feel like others are judging you when you are curling 5 pounds? Guess what, I have been there too.

Three things to remember when you experience gym anxiety

  1. Everybody starts from somewhere

If you are new to the gym and are worried that you don’t look like you know what you are doing, that is OKAY. How can you know what you are doing if you have not put in the time to go through the motions and learn? You can’t. I spent many weeks and months wandering the gym aimlessly, trying machines, picking up weights and trying an exercise I saw the guy 10 feet away doing. While I do think you should have a plan for each workout, what I am trying to say is that nobody knows it all from the start. Embrace this opportunity to learn, and you will be amazed by how far you can go.

2. Most people at the gym are overly concerned with themself, not you

I promise, you think about what you look like in the gym way more than anyone else. You think that guy over there benching 315 pounds is worried about whether or not you are using the chest press machine correctly? You think the guy standing shirtless and flexing in the mirror is worried about how small your muscles are? The hard truth is that most of the people in the gym are far more worried about their own appearance, performance, and workout than they are about anyone else around them. Remember that.

3. Fu*k the small percentage of people who may criticize you

Anyone who will take the time to do anything but try to offer help or advice, can politely fu*k off. These are not the type of people who are worth your time or energy. Their comments, stares, or remarks are reflective of their own insecurities, not your reality.

Remember these things the next time you are worried about what you look like in the gym. It is okay to worry about your is human nature to do so. But do not get too caught up in what others may think, because I promise you it does not matter. Lastly, remember that just by being in the gym, you are on your way to a stronger, healthier, and better version of yourself...THAT is what matters.

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